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30Network: What do we want to create?

After leaving their last session with creative tension between Vancouver’s current reality and a clear vision for an affordable city, the cohort was anxious, energized and ready to start developing solutions that bridge the gap between where we are at, and where we need to be. In this session, the 30Network brainstormed and mapped out ideas within their areas of influence, and formed teams around these concepts. The activities of the day were all about collaboration and building strong ideas together by tapping into the unique ideas of the 30 young urban influencers. There was no better location for this than the HiVE which provided the 30Network with an ideal collaborative work space in their Hastings Street Office.

During the 30Network’s previous ideation session, five target audiences were created: Vulnerable Youth, Students, Young Professionals, Young Renters, and Creatives. Today, each team presented their visioning for their chosen group to the cohort, after which the cohort had a ten minute idea blast for each particular vision, which resulted in hundreds of ideas (and many colourful sticky notes) that filled the tables and gave each group a greater diversity of perspectives to consider and explore. Solutions from house boats and village living, to tenant training and landlord management, even pop-up housing and roommate Tinder are just a taste of the considerations captured by the cohort.

These teams were then tasked with the challenge of gathering these ideas and refining them into five key concepts that are unique, do-able, and offer a solution that links our current reality to their shared vision of an affordable city. The cohort then re-grouped into project teams based on where their passion and energy was drawn to, and further developed these concepts into more specific and concrete solutions. The solutions developed throughout the day not only directly address particular issues for the five targeted groups when it comes to housing and affordability, but also have the potential to build resiliency and longevity in areas that require greater community support. Each group focused on their solution and pushed the creativity envelope in terms of impact and engagement so that by the end of the day, each group had generated unique, cross-sector solutions to the affordability crisis facing youth and others in the City of Vancouver.

Next session will bring the challenge of how to deliver these project on the ground. What will it look like? Who will it serve? We are anticipating even more creativity and brilliant ideas out of the 30Network, and we can’t wait to share their projects with you!
Special thanks to Vancity Credit Union, Cities4People, the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, Generation Squeeze, the Real Estate Foundation of BC, LandlordBC, Embark SFU, and RADIUS for their generous support in making the 30Network possible.

Take a look at the pictures from this session here.

This post was written by Claire Crowther of CityHive. 

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