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Bring Your Own Suitcase Project


Every migrant on this land has a story about what they brought when they came here. This project aims to show and share not just what was in the suitcase, but all the invisible wealth of knowledge, resources and wisdom newcomers migrants have brought with them. The BYOS project is an interactive series of events which aims to use storytelling as a means of building community and helping migrants collectively contribute and pull from a community of knowledge, resources and wisdom.


Every migrant has a story of coming to these lands, and by sharing a simple object from the suitcase migrants first brought with them here, we hope to open up a conversation of what those objects represent and meanwhile also providing a low-barrier access point for participation. Once sharing is over, we hope to create a community of sorts, where folks can both ask and offer what they need from this community – for eg. a person can ask for help navigating the BC healthcare system, while offering Spanish conversation classes. The idea is to build on the already existing wealth of knowledge, wisdom and resources available within the room, and by keeping the event open to newcomers who have migrated within the last 0 to 10 years we want to recreate the space for needs new migrants have, and tools/knowledge they wish they themselves had when they first came here.

BYOS Pitch Slides
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