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What are we working on now?

Current Projects

A pop-up Think Tank of 30 young urban influencers under 30, working on tackling a juicy, complex city challenge: housing and affordability. Over 4 sessions, these 30 millennials will co-create solutions in collaboration with key partners in the city.

Meet this year’s 30Network cohort.

Coming Soon: Youth Engagement Strategies

We work with associations, institutions, organizations, businesses and you-name-it’s to build meaningful ways to engage and include youth. We help those wanting to go beyond ‘checking the box’ and help cultivate sustainable structures that enable the organization to become leaders in youth engagement.

Our vision and long-term projects: coming soon

Can you help make our dreams and visions for a youthful city become a reality? Imagine a city where:

A Space


Youth have a physical Hub where they can hold meetings and events, plan initiatives, learn from each other, gain critical skills and engage with opportunities to create impact.



All students going through Elementary and High School learn about cities: about major urban issues, what municipal government does and how it works. Youth become educated voters who participate in municipal elections and are engaged actively between them.

Civic Education


There is a young citizen activation squad, through which youth can ideate and execute ideas related to place-making and improving public space.

Youth Engagement


There are standard new, responsive, and transparent processes through which cities engage with youth and include them in planning and decision-making processes.

Intrigued? Interested in collaborating with us?