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[embeddoc url=”https://www.cityhive.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/04-50-Small-Actions.pdf” download=”none”]


#Housing50YVR is a toolkit outlining 50 small actions renters can take to address Vancouver’s housing crisis. During initial conversations about our own rental experiences, we quickly realized that new renters are often overwhelmed by the housing challenges in Vancouver. We also recognized that a number of incredible organizations were already doing fantastic work to educate and support new renters. Recognizing this as an opportunity to educate and empower new renters through the amplification of existing resources, #Housing50YVR was born.

#Housing50YVR is inherently flexible to meet the needs of its desired audience(s). The toolkit can be released in smaller thematic posts, as a campaign with a daily action, or as a full fledged toolkit. In the upcoming months, we will be looking for organizations to partner with in order to generate impact. If your organization is interested in discussing a potential partnership, please send an email to bradyyano@gmail.com.


Contact email: bradyyano@gmail.com

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