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MentAlly is a youth supporting youth relationship that provides those facing mental health barriers with tools and services that solidify their ability, autonomy and confidence to vote independently during federal, provincial and local elections. The design, construction, deployment and improvement of these low effort, high impact tools and services are managed by the youth in our community with the knowledge and oversight of local mental health organizations and post-secondary institutions.


MentAlly aims to create a city where every citizen, regardless of mental health or age, feels empowered to vote in every election and is successful in having their voices reflected in policies that allow them to flourish and give back to their community. By providing the millennial generation with the support and guidance of local mental health organizations and post-secondary institutions, they are able to design, construct and implement a set of tools and services that will aid citizens who face daily mental health barriers in, not only completing the act of voting, but also informing them of the voting process and defining and simplifying commutes to and from voting stations. MentAlly facilitates the creation of low effort, high impacts solutions by building a relationship of youth supporting youth between the indifferent millennial generation and the mental health community. Soon, these two demographics will become the most informed and civically active community members right here in Vancouver!

MentAlly Pitch Deck
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