Andrew Phillips - CityHive Vancouver
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 Andrew Phillips 

Andrew is an interdisciplinary change-maker focused on social innovation and community projects. Ever curious about the patterns and systems that shape and govern our lives, he’s interested in work that challenges social, political and economic norms.  His fascination with questions both big and small has always been driven by a desire to solve problems.

With education and experience in political science, community development, social practice art and strategic design, Andrew spurs people into action — partnering with groups to encourage more active and empathic citizens. With an emphasis on knowledge translation, capacity building, participation, and transformative learning, Andrew uses the design process to invite the public into thoughtful and creative conversations with the world around them; providing ways for people to imagine, initiate and realize change where they live.

Outside those endeavours, Andrew is a front-line Mental Health Worker at PHS; providing support, advocacy, and housing services to the homeless and/or people living with addictions. Other housing initiatives he’s been part of include: The BC Tiny House Collective, Co:Here Community Housing, and The Atangard Community Project.

Andrew lives in East Vancouver where he shares an old heritage home with three friendly housemates.