Arr Farah - CityHive Vancouver
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Arr Farah

Arr Farah is a student from Toronto, currently wrapping up a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a certificate in Ethics and Justice at Simon Fraser University. Throughout his time at SFU, Arr has been highly engaged in university governance, having held positions on the Simon Fraser Student Society and SFU Senate. Off of campus, Arr has volunteered in many municipal, provincial and federal campaigns both here in BC and in Ontario.

Arr is passionate about politics, the environment, urban development, community mobilization, and health care. He believes that his experiences and opportunities have molded him into being a leader, community builder and problem solver. In his leisure time, Arr enjoys being active, reading as much as possible and cheering on his hometown sports teams. Arr is very excited to be part of #30Network and looks forward to making a positive impact.