Ava Nasiri - CityHive Vancouver
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Ava Nasiri

With a background in non-profit, politics and education I’m keen on ways people engage with communities, government and the environment. During my pursuit of a Bachelors in Political Science at UBC I served three consecutive terms as an executive of the AMS convincing people to vote, running advocacy campaigns, managing student groups and overseeing the construction of the AMS Nest. Currently I connect people with technical classes and materials as a Learning Consultant at SAP Vancouver and support the operations of the Burnaby South Parliamentary Office.

As a new-to-adulting creative problem solver I’m still figuring out what civic engagement looks like in the ‘real world’. I was drawn to the 30 Network because it seemed like a productive way to engage with peers on pressing issues.

Informally dubbed the apparent “art gallery friend” I tend to spend the free hours of the day painting or reading up on political/population theory.