Cody Lo - CityHive Vancouver
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Cody Lo

Cody is a genomics researcher at St. Paul’s Hospital and graduated with a BSc in Pharmacology from UBC. His interests lie in scientific research, advocating for health literacy, and entrepreneurship in the biotech industry. He is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Canadian Journal of Undergraduate Research, a student-led publication that provides an accessible platform for students to share their research and has engaged students from over 10 Universities across Canada and the US. Through his work with the Student Biotechnology Network he has created many educational opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and has extensive volunteering with HIV and Hepatitis patients in the Downtown Eastside. In 2016, Cody was awarded the Wesbrook and Carl Bradford Robertson Scholarships – the most prestigious designations awarded by the University. He is also a co-author on 8 scientific publications and has been published in Science magazine, one of the most widely circulated journals in the world.