Jen Muranetz - CityHive Vancouver
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Jen Muranetz

Jen Muranetz is a multi-dimensional journalist and digital storyteller who creates dynamic, newsworthy content that is visually delicious. She has more than seven years’ experience producing, writing, shooting and editing for broadcast and online media platforms. She graduated with honours from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s Radio and Television Program in 2010 and has since told more than 700 stories for organizations such as VICE, Shaw TV, alive magazine and Simon Fraser University. In 2014, she was nominated for a Leo Award for ‘Best Screenwriting’ in the ‘Information of Lifestyle Series’ category. Jen’s also a passionate advocate for collective housing. In 2014, she co-founded ‘The Lounge’, one of more than 55 collective houses in Vancouver. Her latest project, BETTER TOGETHER, is a short documentary that delves into Vancouver’s collective housing subculture by vignetting three collective houses and documenting the political movement unfolding around this alternative way of living.