Scott Henry - CityHive Vancouver
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Scott Henry

Scott was born in a rural Australian mining town in the middle of the outback. For 10 years he had a life plan, become a volcanologist. While he might not be skirting the edge of a crater, he’s still a risk taker looking to ignite change. Scott studies a combined major in Business and Computer Science at the University of British Columbia as a Loran Scholar. He’s worked throughout East Africa developing entrepreneurship training initiatives in Rwanda, helping to build a community of tech entrepreneurs in Kenya, and turning plastic water bottles into 3D printer filament in Tanzania. His passion and experiences in the above have taken him to work at the World Bank, where he examined how to foster innovation ecosystems and managed the implementation of several development programs. A departure from the public sector, last year Scott worked for a Silicon Valley tech startup on the growth team, expanding operations in emerging markets.