Yat Li - CityHive Vancouver
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Yat Li

I am a digital marketer who lives by the 30 principles by Dale Carnegie. You’ll find me with a bright smile most of the time. I work in hospitality by day as a CRM Specialist, overseeing hundreds of email marketing campaigns, building key stakeholder relationships and analyzing multiple reports at a time. By night, I devote at least four hours a week at the gym and working on my latest start-up. I’m ambitious, tech-savvy with a sense of humour (okay, maybe just a little bit). I am excited to join the 30Network with the purpose of building a globalized and connected community. Mediums exist for us to permeate previously untapped circles: youth civic engagement. I look forward to seeing leaders of tomorrow take ownership of their work, mobilize each other and become powerful role models. Did I say I like to play golf? Fore!!