Zining Wang - CityHive Vancouver
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Zining Wang

She works as an research fellow at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. Moved from China to Vancouver four years ago, she is passionate to foster Canada’s engagement with Asia through dialogues, education and story-telling. In 2017, Zining founded the Asia Pacific Mentorship Program that provides students opportunities to learn more about a future career related to Asia. Zining believes dialogue is an excellent medium for creating connections and has engaged with multiple initiatives to support conversations about diversity, inclusion, and intercultural awareness on UBC campus and beyond.

Zining recently graduated from the University of British Columbia, where she pursued a double major in Economics and Asian Studies with a minor in Business. On weekends, she enjoys exploring the beautiful BC with her running shoes or trekking pole, or going to different events to connect with the community of Vancouver. Besides English, Zining also speaks Mandarin, Japanese and some Farsi.