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The CityHive Blog

  • You can’t get through a conversation in Vancouver without housing or affordability coming up. With a steady stream of news articles, stories, research and reports creating

  • We caught up with CityHive co-founders Tesicca Truong and Veronika Bylicki, two inspirational (millennial) super-women making waves in Vancouver. Here’s what we learn

  • After the excitement and curiosity generated at the first cohort meeting, the 30Network was keen to begin learning, discussing and ideating during their first full-day meet

  • After leaving their last session with creative tension between Vancouver’s current reality and a clear vision for an affordable city, the cohort was anxious, energized and

  • Meet the 30Network, a team of 30 young influencers under 30 who love Vancouver, and want to stay. Over the past two months, the 30Network has brought their passion and pers

  • Housing affordability continues to be a hot topic in Vancouver, and it affects everyone from your neighbourhood barista to students to tech workers in Mount Pleasant. Altho

  • Community POP aims to develop affordable, short-term housing options in the City of Vancouver through the temporary habitation of vacant or underutilized lots.

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  • #Housing50YVR is a toolkit outlining 50 small actions renters can take to address Vancouver’s housing crisis. During initial conversations about our own rental experiences,