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Vancity Snaps


We are community animators that implement creative interventions to engage jugglers (busy bodies in their 20-30s with multiple interest and commitments) on their day to day journeys on topics that impact their community.


We are developing a suite of creative engagement strategies, which animate public spaces and encourage jugglers to take a quick moment along their journeys to engage with others and their city. For our pilot, we will focus on two interventions: ChalkTalks; an arts-based intervention that engages individuals on their solitary journeys from point A to B and How Have you Bin; an interactive recycling bin that pop-ups at local events that poses different questions to engage locals on issues that impact them. This pilot is just the start in Vancity Snap’s goal of developing a suite of creative interventions that are short, engaging, and most importantly, meet busy people where they’re at.

Vancity Snaps Pitch Deck
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