CityHive Vancouver | Youths Shaping Cities
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Youth are key to shaping a city for all.


We engage youth in a meaningful way, amplify youth voices and ultimately ensure that youth are actively involved in the planning, shaping, and decision-making of their city.

As youth, we are the largest untapped resource in solving our cities’ biggest challenges.

 Our cities face major challenges from unaffordability to homelessness to climate change.
There is a huge opportunity to use the energy, knowledge, and unique ideas of youth to become urban solution-innovators. We can help our cities become more happy, prosperous, sustainable, and awesome places to live for all.

So what do we do?

CityHive is a youth-driven organization on a mission to transform the way young people are involved in shaping Vancouver.

We harness the energy, needs, and passion of youth to solve real city problems and amplify the voice of youth in Vancouver.  We help organizations and institutions transform the way that they engage youth. We empower youth through education, advocacy, and by creating opportunities for them to shine.

  • Education

Hands-on, classroom based workshop series for elementary and high school students to increase civic literacy and build an understanding of the role of cities and municipal governance.

  • Engagement & Empowerment

Long-term and short-term opportunities – from pop up think tanks to councils – for youth to participate in building solutions to challenges faced by cities and institutions. This includes helping organizations meaningfully engage youth.

  • Advocacy

Amplifying the voice and role of youth in Vancouver, by providing them a platform and physical space to learn, plot, and plan projects.

Get Involved

 Are you a youth looking to get involved?
Are you an organization looking to work with youth?
Are you a city looking to partner with us to engage youth?
We want to work with you!